Tunnelbana [Single]

by Ars Sonor & Co.

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"This track collects together the remixes received by Ars Sonor of their 60 second track "Tunnelbana". Full title for seventh track should be "The Glasgow underground is a continuous circle and if you ride it long enough you meet yourself coming back the other way", as intended originally" - Laetitia Schteinberg.


01. Marax & Ars Sonor - Tunnelbana
02. Damien Ark & Ars Sonor - Tunnelbana
03. Michael Cosma & Ars Sonor - ZoVerPullTunnia
04. Stirner & Ars Sonor - Tunnelbana [Piercing Mother Earth Mix]
05. Koas & Ars Sonor - Untitled
06. Travis Johnson & Ars Sonor - Tunnelbana
07. Elizabeth Veldon & Ars Sonor - The Glasgow Underground
08. d0x10 & Ars Sonor - Tunnelbana
09. William Spivey & Ars Sonor - Tunnelbana
10. Amok III & Ars Sonor - Devil's Banqueting Dishes (Cassandra Olofsson Boogie)
11. Lezet & Ars Sonor - Tunnelbana
12. Phil Ford, Pèninsolar, Ars Sonor - Tunnelbana
13. Kawol & Ars Sonor - Tunnelbana
14. Elizabeth Veldon & Ars Sonor - A Broken Telephone is Calling You Again and Again [bonus]
15. Ars Sonor - Victims of Prank Calls [bonus]
16. Ars Sonor - Showcase [bonus]


released December 1, 2011
field recordings, final mix: Laetitia Schteinberg
production: aforementioned artists
photography: Laetitia Schteinberg

"Contact Compilation 1": bit.ly/Ma2qFl
"Contact Compilation 2": bit.ly/yVtGfn
"Contact Compilation 4": bit.ly/JENT0G
"Contact Compilation 6": bit.ly/MnFxB3
"Contact Compilation 7": bit.ly/KIfZwh
"Contact Compilation 8": bit.ly/KVN6Lm
"Contact Compilation 9": bit.ly/uVHKr4
"nx2011-10": bit.ly/SKbK3e
"Pathway" by Inside/Outside: bit.ly/LdVJ6E
"Black Circle Podcast 3": bit.ly/UiQTGS

More info: schteinberg.com





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