The Outer Limits [LP]

by Ars Sonor & Co.

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"This album contains mostly re-works of tracks submitted to the pink compilation by Black Circle Records, a kind of way to say thanks for support in the dark times" - Laetitia Schteinberg.

"With this obvious nice gesture of this beautiful person & artist that is Laetitia Schteinberg in mind, there is no doubt that this album is made with intensive love. Love and support from all over the world. People who speak their minds and don't let governments, or the brainwashed society stops their words of wisdom and above all freedom! Love is all that counts and love is all we need. The next album is made with pure love and is a homage of a group of worldwide artists that supported Laetitia in some way through her own personal dark days... Like a upcoming glow of sunlight in the darkness as the album artwork suggest, here is a ray of light in music…<3

The first track - Ars Sonor & The Implicit Order with a tune called "Eternity in Limbo". This music goes very well with the album photo and shapes perhaps a dark desert like landscape that transforms into a powerful track with energetic and intelligent blasting beats! This gains energy to survive whatever happens in our future and contains beautiful and mystique melodies in between the power generated rhythms. This is a very strong opening track that makes sure that you don’t fuck with the hardened people!

Ars Sonor & Elizabeth Veldon creates another brilliant source of extreme mood lifting powers with a track called "Ingmar Bergman Would Say". Think in your face beats and a thrilling landscape that breathes in your neck and give you the feeling of euphoric and being indestructible. This is the music of ‘survival’. Add a dark toned played piano and you got one of the coolest tracks that definitely kicks some serious ass!

Track 3 is "We Walked Barefoot to the Church" by Ars Sonor & Mary Shelley. This tune keeps up the trend of cool shit but hints perhaps at a bit more sentimental undertones. It feels like an adventure, some kind of escape through the church yard. A story perhaps untold, but now transformed into a wicked track of rhythmix dark music.

(o​)​†HERS teams up with Ars Sonor in the tune "All Over Again" which is psychedelic piece of darkness that sounds like a track that will do good at the middle of the night. We hear an electronic rhythm, some kind of rap hidden in the mix, psychedelic guitar and bass experimenting in a deep atmospheric yet powerful track. Very cool! When it is finished I would love to play this track another time, but don’t believe this is actually where the title suggest at. Brilliant stuff either way!

Track 5 of this (until now extremely cool album) is "Tormented Existence". By Mutate and (guess who?) Ars Sonor. This is some fine trippy atmosphere that is laid down here. We hear dramatic sounds of a tormented soul in bitter darkness. If this music doesn't scare the haters I don’t know what else will do the trick. This is the music of a mind that has been through a lot of things and is thinking of revenge on all who had done bad. Forget Karma, The artists will be your worst nightmares when the day comes for total destruction. All my words of imagination aside, this track is exceptional trippy of a dark kind that seduces your ears like a poisoned ivy! Loved it!

Ars Sonor & Hyaena Fierling Reich are up next with a track called "Through The Looking Glass". Of course the title reminds us of the story of Alice In Wonderland but the ambient music we hear makes me think of something more sophisticated than that. We hear a track that mixes darkness with lightness like a sun trying to glow through the clouds.

For the next track we hear Ars Sonor working with Bird Paradigma and Travis Johnson with a track called "The Outer Limits". It is a dark industrialist city that is shaped over here that reminds us of dark streets and a reincarnation of Hitler getting praised by a group of bald headed followers. The arrival of the new fuhrer and militaristic rhythms in combination of fearful dark ambient makes this track in to something memorable as well as the soundtrack for a very sinister future.

We hear slicing soundscapes that smells of animalistic fears and nightmares. This is the result of a cooperation of Ars Sonor, Marax, Bedawang & Der Domestizierte Mensch. It is a frightening piece that is absolutely dark in its origin. We hear some sounds that don't seem to be so hopeful at the end.

With the team up by Ars Sonor , Distant Trains, Hal McGee and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen we hear what the title suggest (but way cooler than you can possibly expect) - "A Light At The End Of The Universe". It starts of dark and we hear us slightly and then rather quickly sucked into this light. Which contains the most amazing track of pure uplifting coolness, that will make you instantly feel good. Really love the depth generated by the singing on top of this track, it creates the perfect atmosphere of the "nothing can beat us" kind! Pure outstanding Brilliantness we hear over here! Of course it was expected with all these great names attached to one track, but still: fucking cool!!!

Than we hear "The Nullifier" by Ars Sonor, Dave Fuglewicz, 3bc, Meklabor, Wavespan, Wiliam Spivey and Peetura Luttenbacher. A whole collection of artists molded in a track that just counts 1:46 in length. It sounds like a bizarre soundscape of a futuristic future that ends with a giant bang.

Believe it or not but with "All You Need Is Love (And Permission To Live)" we have found ourselves at the end of this beautiful album. This is a track made by Ars Sonor and Ars Sonor as nobody could perform a track like this better than the artist herself. This is a wonderful mythical track that mixes powerful electric rhythms with beauty of a higher kind. Excellent!

I think there are no words for me to say that can add anything to the quality of this release. This album is bloody good and sure as hell is well recommended! It is a magical album considered that so many artists are glued together by Ars Sonor into a consistent flare of brilliantness! The album consist of powerful uplifting music that prepares you for the worst and basically makes the listener fearless and proud. The other side contains dark ambient works that will keep your legs on the floor while we think of a distorted future. This album, ladies and gentlemen, is a must hear!" - Kai Nobuko.


released October 21, 2012

voice, synth, samples, production: Laetitia Schteinberg
voice, synth, guitar, samples: aforementioned artists

"L is for...":
"The Children are all Monsters":
"Space Rock: The Compilation":

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