Residue [LP]

by iky iky

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"The genius of Laetitia Schteinberg is something I cannot rehash enough. She had provided many many different worlds which were so new and so overflowing with feeling that one will involuntarily feel things they either do not want to feel, or weren’t expecting feeling. A lost soul with a stream of turmoil that waxes and wanes restlessly, to the dismay of all the people who have come to love her sounds and her soul. Her music is honest and you can really sense an emotional urgency in the works. This is not a mere hobby for this musician, but a punch packing collections of elegy or sanctuaries that really stir up feeling. iky iky is the more audacious of her projects, which goes often into lobit territory or inhabits more abstract concepts, often utilizing field recordings. What results are acousmatic wastelands. Sounds of the everyday extracted and dissociated from their source and thrown into a world of transcendent feeling, often so difficult to endure but often impossible not to" - Dishdawash Arnett.

"Still out there, iky iky takes us even deeper down into the jungle. A great soundscape that is so well comforting as well as intriguing. Perhaps it's gonna rain? iky iky knows its way around and guide our ears into safety" - Kai Nobuko.

"Je descends plus vite que je le pensais
plis rapidement que la chute
ou l'aspiration d'un trou noir
la descente semble irréel
sans raison
si subtil que les gestes sont inutile
je livre l'être à une plongée
sans air
le lieu à disparu
seul le sens de la direction
et le sens du ressenti
semble encore pas tout à fait réel
je tombe sans mouvement" - Réjean Desrosiers.


released December 27, 2011

synth, samples, field recordings, production: Laetitia Schteinberg
samples: Hal McGee, Elizabeth Veldon, Michał Szewczyński
samples: The Implicit Order
guitar: Dan Miñoza, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
trombone: Thomas Park
harmonica: Porc O'Pine

"Overcome by Shadows":
"I am Anticitizen One":
"The Slaying Scythe of Rhea Kronia...":
"The Olfactory Bulb":
"Cold Cell":
"Deformed Juvenilia":
"No More":
"iky iky / Marax":
"We Are 100":

Some parts were intended for "It is Already Different" and "Dreamdark".

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