Loco [EP]

by Ars Sonor

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"The idea was born when I made cover version of a track by Napalm Death for tribute compilation. This EP is a kind of tribute too (no cover versions though) - a tribute to some influential bands of 20th century" - Laetitia Schteinberg.

"Courbet said that real beauty can be found for us only in suffering and pain. Eastern thought finds desire at the root of all suffering... Neither of these thoughts account for the suffering endured by innocent victims of politics, natural disaster and ill health..." - Cecelia Chapman.

"I thought it was brilliant, absolutely such a good idea. Proper cover albums are very flattering, but they for the most part just pay tribute. But this takes a whole raft of bands of different styles and they are doing their own takes. The bands put their own spin on it. It's a breath of fresh air as covers albums go. It's a great idea all around" - Mark "Barney" Greenway of Napalm Death, about "You Suffer Tribute Compilation".


released October 6, 2011

guitar, samples, production: Laetitia Schteinberg
guitar: [registro latente] (third track)
photography: sxc.hu

"Loco" by Cecelia Chapman: bit.ly/NJDLtn
"Showdown": bit.ly/N7ntpX
"Napalm Death You Suffer Tribute Compilation": bit.ly/sOHnrw
"Rock N' Roll" by Ethnomite Pux (unofficial): bit.ly/Ln57Aj
"SP/Sirona Family Mix": bit.ly/ORgDul
"Napalm Death You Suffer Vaatican Edition": bit.ly/QCEkJ9

More info: schteinberg.com





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