Different [EP]

by iky iky

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"The term Avant Garde… Let us muse on this for a moment. The term literally represents the vanguard, that is to say, those soldiers who advance whereas the main forces stay behind. While these Avant Garde fighters of war storm No Man’s land to detect potential fates for the military women and men while those left behind dwell in wait, forced only to stare upon the terrain of coming warfare, fearing the future and awaiting the return of the Avant Garde. The twentieth century, though I saw little of it, saw itself a blossoming of vanguard risk takers transcending and rising above the status quo, into the future of art, of language, of dreaming, of thought. This new century still faces, like a dreaded plagued exponential growth, a fierce and worrisome wall of mainstream insipidity. Often aggresively puerile, the conformist cookie cutter art that sparks inspiration and glee in the heads of gadget fondling contradictory caricatures, procreating and spawning through some smog stunted incest to create abominations like Nicki Minage" - Dishdawash Arnett.


released September 11, 2012

voice, synth, samples, production: Laetitia Schteinberg
samples: The Implicit Order (first track)
samples: The Astronaut Sounds (second track)
photography: sxc.hu

"Halloween Remixed": bit.ly/ND3m9s
"The Organic Animal Materializes": bit.ly/QtQnBP
"Otherness": bit.ly/Q6xMzD

More info: schteinberg.com





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